Ultra Soffit Insulation Liner – Non-combustible Soffit Insulation Board

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What is Ultra Soffit Insulation Liner?

Ultra Soffit Insulation Liner Rockfibre is typically used as soffit insulation to the underside of car park ceilings in apartment blocks and commercial or retail developments. The product also offers a cost-effective solution for insulating concrete or timber ceilings in offices or retail units where there are flats situated above.

Ultra Soffit Insulation Liner Rockfibre soffit insulation has been independently tested at Warrington Fire Research and achieves Euroclass A2,1, dO fire rating therefore is classed as non-combustible. The product is suitable for fulfilling the requirements of Document L (conservation of fuel and power) of the current building regulations and the high density rockfibre insulation offers excellent sound insulation properties.

Due to the flexible manufacturing process, Ultra Soffit Insulation Liner Rockfibre is available in a wide range of thicknesses and facings with a quick turnaround.

We can provide advice on thermal and fire performance, U value calculation and technical backup to ensure smooth delivery and installation for any type of building requiring soffit insulation.

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